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10-11 Apr 2014 ISAW, Istanbul, Turkey

posted Apr 14, 2014, 3:20 AM by Jong Kun Choi   [ updated Feb 1, 2015, 5:38 AM ]
10-11 Apr 2014 ISAW, Istanbul, Turkey

About ISAW Symposium 

Beginning with the industrialization, past century has witnessed major developments in the field of technology. Two major wars as well as various conflicts in terms of magnitude and intensity happened in the 20th century. This period in which technological revolutions and wars were experienced could have been called the century of air and space power. In the age of aviation that began with the invention of aircraft by Wright brothers, operation area has become a three-dimensional area. Air power has become an indispensable element of war through the proven effectiveness of aircrafts in a very short period. Besides, having gained capability and effectiveness, air power has achieved outcome-determining role at the end of the century. Furthermore, use of the space for military purposes has increased the global impact of air power. 

Having taken part in diverse fields such as conflict prevention, peacekeeping, personnel recovery and natural disaster relief, air power has proved to be an effective force. In the past century many theories regarding the role of air power in wars has been developed. Many scientific researches conducted about air power have been submitted to the service of humanity in many fields outside the military area. The emergence of air power, which modified the type and dimensions of war, also changed the structure of the armed forces. The emergence and rapid development of air power and its social impact on the society has created a new field of scientific research. 

Being unequaled in human history and having significant effects on civilian fields as well, the Air Power and especially its historical dimension will be discussed in symposium organized by Turkish Air War College under the title of “International Symposium on History of Air Warfare”. Participating the symposium, which will be held in the city where continents meet, distinguished speakers and participants will have the opportunity to review the adventure of air warfare history, and they will also obtain a chance to share perspectives of different countries. As Turkish Air Force and Air War College, meeting with our guests in Istanbul is a great honor for us. We believe in that this symposium will prove that air power is also a peacekeeping power.