Jong Kun Choi focuses on the international security, specifically in Northeast Asia, as well as international relations theories. He vigorously participates in discussing the contemporary issues and shows active writing in academic journals. His academic articles have so far appeared in International SecurityGlobal Asia, Asian Perspective Korea Journal of Defense AnalysisKorea and World PoliticsKorean Political Science ReviewInternational Relations of the Asia Pacific and Korean Journal of International Studies.  

Journal Articles in English
2017-10 What does international relations theory tell us about territorial disputes and their resolution? Jong Kun Choi, Yong-Soo Eun International Politics 
2016-12 Security Implications of a Nuclear North Korea: Crisis Stability and Imperatives for Engagement Jong Kun Choi, Jong-Yun Bae Korea Observer 
2016-04 Crisis stability or general stability? Assessing Northeast Asia’s absence of war and prospects for liberal transition Jong Kun Choi Review of International Studies 
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Journal Articles in Korean
DateTitleTitle (English)AuthorJournal
2016-09 17대·18대 대선과 18대·19대·20대 총선에 나타난 새누리당의 외교안보통일 공약 분석:북핵, 남북관계 그리고 한미동맹 공약을 중심으로 A Study on National Security Policy Platforms by South Korea’s Ruling Parties During General and Presidential Elections. 최종건 (Jong Kun Choi) 의정연구 (Legislative Studies) 
2015-06 자유와 자본 그리고 평화구축에 대한 이론적 검토: 민주평화론과 자본주의 평화론을 중심으로 Liberty, Capital and Liberal Peace Building: A Comparative Analysis of Democratic Peace and Capitalist Peace 최종건, 홍건식(Jong Kun Choi, Kun Sik Hong) 국제지역연구(Journal of International and Area Studies) 
2015-03 중국과 일본의 항공우주정보력 변화 연구: 경험적 자료와 정책적 함의를 중심으로 An Empirical Study on Air and Space Intelligence Power by China and Japan 최종건, 고경윤 (Jong Kun Choi, Kyoung Yun Ko) 국방연구 (The Korean Journal of Security Affairs) 
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Chapter Title

After Five Years: The Lee Myung-bak Government, the Crisis of Peace and the Future of the Korean Peninsula

Book Infomation

Crisis of Peace and New Leadership in Korea: Lessons from Kim Dae-Jung’s Legacy

Published Date June 2014

Publisher Yonsei University Press

Author Chung-in Moon, John Swenson-Wright


삶과 도전 그리고 미래 평화도시 인천

Published Date May 2014

Publisher 책나무

Author 김근식 , 김기정, 최종건, 정진오, 김갑식

Recent Presentations
July 19, 2016 전국 대의원대회 준비위원회 강령정책분과 토론회 외교안보정책 비전과 의제 그리고 더불어 민주당 국회 의원회관 
July 14, 2016 국민의 동의 없는 사드배치, 올바른 결정인가? :대한민국의 안보와 경제의 앞날 토론:미국의 한국내 사드 배치 결정과 관련된 "합리적" 질문들 국회 의원회관 
July 13, 2016 정의구현정책단 4차 월례포럼: 사드사태와 동북아 위기 긴급토론회 사드배치 결정 이후 여러 현안의 안보학적 설명 국회 본청 
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