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2012-2 POL1003-01

[2012년 2학기] Introduction to international relations (목 1,2,3)
정치외교학과 최종건 교수
연희관 113-1호 / 2123-5946   E-mail:
수업목표 및 개요_Background Motive
The course is to maximize students` learning in IR theories by providing general yet detailed surveys of the field. This course is to provide students a platform to further their undergraduate students in the general fields of International Relations. International Relations Theory focuses on close reading and discussion of classic and contemporary texts describing the underlying causal patterns of international politics. Major themes include morality and politics; debates over methods and theory; foreign policy and global conflict; and the search for peace and cooperation. Some of the questions we will address include: What might virtue and the national interest mean in international politics? Why is war so common or is it really quite rare? Are there alternatives to nation states? To what extent is "international relations" a gendered concept? These are all questions that are explored in various theories of international relations. The objectives of this course include helping students to interpret and describe international relations, to study a variety of explanations for various events and non-events, and to consider various prescriptions or solutions to different kinds of problems.
성적평가_Course Evaluation
Attendance: 10 %, In-Class Discussion : 10%,  Mid-Term Exam : 40%, Final Exam : 20%. Newspaper Artcle Scrap: 20 %:
 * For the Fall Semester, students are to make newspaper scrap books. Students are required to read newspapers either on-line or off-line and scrap articles relevant to international relations. No limits on number of articles; students will be evaluated in terms of consistency and diligence.
강의계획_Course Schedule
Week 1. 09.06. Introduction
Week 2. 09.13. Orientation & Introduction
 Doing PSIR, Introduction.
Week 3. 09.20. Themese and Issues in PSIR
Doing PSIR, Ch.1
Week 4. 09.27. Perspectives on Power
Doing PSIR, Ch.2
Week 5. 10.04. Perspectives on State 
Doing PSIR, Ch.3
Week 6. 10.11. Perspectives on Institutions under Anarchy
Doing PSIR, Ch.5
Week 7. 10.18. Security and Politics Mid-Term
Doing PSIR, Ch.8
Week 8. 10.25. Mid-Term
Week 9. 11.01. Economy and International Politics
  Doing PSIR, Ch.9
Week 10. 11.08. Current IR Issue 1: Nuclear Weapon and IR
Week 11. 11.15. Current IR Issue 2: American Hegemony 
Week 12. 11.22. Current IR Issue 3: A Rising China

Week 13. 11.29. CurrentIR Issue 4: Rise of the Rest
Charles A Kupchan, No One`s World : The West, the Rising Rest and the Coming Global Turn (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012), Ch.1, Ch, 4; Fareed Zakaria, The Post American World Updated and Expanded 2.0 (New York : Norton, 2011), ch.1,2 and 4.

Week 14. 12.06. Current IR Issue 5: Northeast Asia
Week 15. 12.13. Wrap-UP : PSIR, Globalization and myself.

Week 16. 12.20. Final