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After Five Years: The Lee Myung-bak Government, 

the crisis of Peace and the Future of the Korean Peninsula

Crisis of Peace and New Leadership in Korea: Lessons from Kim Dae-Jung’s Legacy

Published Date June 2014

Publisher Yonsei University Press

Author Chung-In Moon, John Swenson-Wright

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The Implications for Seoul of an Operationally Nuclear North Korea

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North Korean Nuclear Operationality:

Regional Security and Nonproliferation

Published Date Dec 2013

Publisher Johns Hopkins University Press  

Author Edited by Gregory J. Moore, Forwarded by Graham T. Allison

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Bolstering Economic Interdependence Despite Bullying Memories in Northeast Asia

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The Economy-Security Nexus in Northeast Asia

Published Date Jul 2012

Publisher  Routledge 

Author T. J. Pempel

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Published Date Mar 2012

Publisher Keio University Press 

Author 小此木政夫, 文正仁, 西野純也

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북한의 세계관에 나타난 국제정치이미지 분석 : 이미지 이론을 중심으로

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북한의 국제관과 동북아 질서

Published Date Nov 2011

Publisher 한울아카데미 

Author 이수훈

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Can Japan Engage Northeast Asia? Overcoming Perceptual and Strategic Deficits

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Japan in Decline Fact or Fiction?

Published Date Feb 2011

Publisher Global Oriental 

Author Purnendra Jain and Brad Williams